Fall is here! HORRAH!

Yucky Icky Sticky Summer is OVAH!

As usual, a lot of things have happened since I last updated.

I got my ears pierced =O yes. That's right. Ears are pierced. Finally decided to go to the mall one day and do it.

I got new glasses! My wonderfully caring boyfriend bought me glasses. I had my old ones for about 6 years and they were JACKED UP. Always crooked on my face. Horribly horrible. We looked at frames practically a whole Saturday. That same Saturday we  hung out with his mom. Ended up finding frames the next day. We both agreed they were awesome.

My car is gone. I fucked it up. Cause I'm stupid like that. I fucked up the motor. It is towed away. My parents sold it. It is no longer here. I am sad. It sucks. I went so long without a car and without being able to drive myself around and  coming and going whenever I want.  But now that I know what its like, life SUCKS without it.  Its horrible having to ask my mom permission to borrow the car and getting shit about when I'll be back. Ugh.

My family is buying a house! YAY. I've hated living here. We've lived here since I was like, thirteen or something but I've NEVER gotten used to it. I HATE it here. My brother and dad having been putting in offers for a house for a few months now and someone finally accepted an offer they made on a house. Blake was over one day hanging out when my parents and my bro were on their way out the door. I promptly asked them were the heck they were going and they told me they were gonna go look at the house again. I hadn't seen it so me and Blake tagged along. I loved it. Can't wait to move in.

I turned 22 last week! My birthday landed on The Office and Sunny season premieres this year so we had a tiny birthday/office/sunny premiere party at Chelseas.  In attendance, Chels, Adam, Blake and myself. Chels made us linguine with some tomato sauce and yummy pesto, per my request. DELICIUSO! OH, I also got a birthday cupcake! OH OH,  Chels made me super cute strawberry earrings!

On the 12th of this month Blake and me went to traders village for the Indian pow wow. Blake bought a cool jacket and got me super cute earrings.

This past weekend was Noah's 2nd birthday. Blake picked me up after he got off of work Saturday morning and we hung out at his place until the birthday celebrations. He had his party at Goin Apes. A kids bouncy dream. They had a whole buncha bounce houses. It was cool.

Blake went on a crazy reading rampage Sunday and Monday. I don't know how he did it. He literally spent two days ALL day reading at the library. Finished reading a book and started on a whole new one AND finished it. All for school, of course. I'd be a little concerned if he was just going to the library reading non stop all day just for the hell of it lol. I mean, there are hobbies but then there's just crazy.

I started piano lessons this past Sunday! Kavon has so awesomely offered to share his knowledge of music. A lot of things are already starting to make sense. The things he taught me Sunday are already clicking and I'm starting to 'get it'. I'm so excited to learn more. I'll start to be of more use to the two bands I'm in and to the other people who have approached me about collaborating.

Dashboard is coming with New Found Glory. The Sounds are coming. El Perro Del Mar is coming. Daniel Tosh, Mike Birbiglia, Jim Gaffigan. Why do these shows have to cost so much money? And more importantly, why don't I have any?

Fall always brings my FAVORITEST acts to town. Fall always brings back my favorite shows with brand new episodes and introduces me to awesome new ones. Fall always brings incredible weather that makes it worth going outside.

I need Fall to bring me a job.

Dream journals. Talked about it with Blake. We both wanna start one. I just don't know if I want to keep a paper journal or an online one. We shall see...

you turn the dial, i'll try and smile

spent these past several unjournaled weeks doing the usual. either at home doing nothing or  hanging out with blake

babysitting the past few weeks. which i completely do not enjoy. i just don't enjoy babysitting kids i'm related nieces and nephews have always felt more like little brothers and with that comes the "gah!!!" and them getting on my nerves to an extreme level. i love them..but i prefer not to babysit them everyday for several weeks.

hung out with isabel, christine and chelsea this past monday.

friday night went to see lalagray and the fox and the bird at the cavern with blake. after the show we came back to my place and slept. we've been doing alot of that lately when we get together lol hmm..i think i'm the one thats initiated the sleep these past few times. man, i feel lame. like, extremely.

i had seen lalagray with chelsea at opening bell south side the thursday before this this past week. her music is quite lovely. i enjoy it.

had practice in carrolton yesterday with tonite tonite. got there around 3..not sure when practice ended. rode up there with rusbel..after practice we went back to pedros to unload his drums then i went to target...went home and got ready to go to arlington to see blake.

got to see his incredibly cutie newborn niece, eden.

nothing else stands out right now.

hm? hm.

(no subject)

tal como estas
Tengo que confesar que a veces
no me gusta tu forma de ser
luego te me desapareces
y no entiendo muy bien por qué

no dices nada romántico
cuando llega el atardecer
te pones de un humor extraño
con cada luna llena al mes

Pero a todo lo demás
le gana lo bueno que me das
sólo tenerte cerca
siento que vuelvo a empezar

Yo te quiero con limón y sal
yo te quiero tal y como estás
no hace falta cambiarte nada
yo te quiero si vienes o si vas
si subes y bajas y no estás
seguro de lo que sientes

since last update?

saw the season finale of lost at the angelika with chelsea and rachel which was pretty damn cool.

helped blake move out of his dorm.

wow, have i really not updated since then? geezus...

shot a gun for the first time o_o ...with blakestah and his parents.


drove up to oklahoma city on a saturday with blake. that morning i woke up with a shitty sore throat. stayed sick for most of the following week.

oh yeah. blakes not a giant ball of adorable scruff anymore!  still adorable, of course. just not as hairy :)

umm. i dunno. can't think of much else.

been hanging out with blake.

we made dinner last night at his place and watched tv. twas a very  nice night.

uh..oh we saw star trek ooonnnn....saturday.

alls i can remember for now.

oh, cheese and crackers.

oh, OH...

i babysat last week. jordan, edgar and reagan. took them to the park for a couple of those days. cici' blah blah. practiced on thursday with academy grove. started oh sure sign which is turning out BRILLIANTLY with piano added. i mean, seriously. it sounds magical. this whole thing with kelsey is working out great...

adventureland was...

went over to chelseas today for dinner. chels made thai food and we had strawberry shortcake! also watched lost.  i was gonna head home after lost and catch a showing of x-men. i told chelsea that. she asked "alone!?" ...."umm...yeah"..."NO! we'll just go to a movie here."

so we did. the angelika it was.

just now got home.

i needed to get out of the house as soon as possible. my mom was driving me insane. she crosses far too many lines far too many times.

i don't want to be home right now. but i don't want to be out either.

it feels humid in my room. gross.

three to tango on netflix....

...why not?

fucking SERIOUSLY?!










its late and i haven't gone to sleep yet...
...and there's nothing else to do. so why not update, right?

i'm already forgetting last week! dang it!

i know friday i went to blakes dorm..that's as far back as i can remember!

saturday at around nine saw monsters vs aliens with blake in Tru3D...which was uh...

...ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! we were sooo the little kids in the theater. we kept switching rows testing out which seats were best for the optimal 3D viewing experience.

sunday, monday, tuesday...a lot of nothing.

oh, i've been on netflix watch instantly ALOT for the past three days.

mostly documentaries.

the indie sex series was pretty damn good. its about sex in films. the last episode titled "taboos" is not available though. which sucks. i'll have to keep an eye out on the ifc channel to see if they're airing again anytime soon.

shows or countdowns that reference movies can be frustrating though. they reference ALOT  of movies. and in indie sex they referenced alot of really fucked up looking movies that i've never seen that i'm now dying to watch. i'm not easily i'm dying to be offended lol show me something that'll make me go "OMG..NO! that's TOO much!"

the beautiful truth and the human face were pretty interesting as well.

i have the movie as good as it gets on pause right now. never seen it before. its a'lookin good.

a slight headache is setting in.

got off the phone with rusbel not too long ago. twas cinco de mayo. i should have gone to pedro's restaurant to watch them perform. its a mexican holiday and i didn't do ANYTHING...sad. boooooo.


.....shoop doo bee doop.

NBA Playoffs 2009 Tracker

i have now decided to follow.

although i'm sure this will all end in tears...again.

soo, yay!
i have a new camera! =P

very VERY happy about that. blake went with me on friday to frys to try and find the camera i wanted. i already had one picked out. it was just a matter of finding it cheaper somewhere else. didn't find it at frys. i had seen it on the walmart the actual store it was like...ten dollars more expensive, which was fine...but they didn't have it in the color i wanted. we then headed to best buy...didn't like the price. but blake asked about price matching and yessssss...they did. i ended up getting the red one. not the one that i had originally wanted but i have grown to love it.

after the camera purchase funness we headed to uta. they were having a drive in movie in one of their parking lots...twilight. i had already seen it and didn't like it all that much. blake hadn't seen it yet and whether it was a good movie or not, it was a nice way to kill a late afternoon.


we then headed back to his dorm room and chilled. went home later that night.

Saturday was a day full of muuusic!

had tonite tonite
practice at three. ended really damn at four somethin. but i stuck around for a little while longer for some academy grove practice with rusbel for a bit. headed home a little bit before five thirty. blake arrived at 6:30 and then we headed to the door(previously known at the gypsy tear room/ballroom). the door has done a really nice job with that place. looks alot better, actually. we were there to see person l and mae but were pleasantly suprised at the two opening bands, tokyo and barcelona. they were pretty freakin good. mae was selling 3D glasses...they had a screen behind them and for the last two songs the images were gonna be well, in 3D. twas pretty cool. we left there sometime after 11 to head to the cavern for Romp Almightys CD release party. The O's were also playing. We were both so damn tired so we left after The O's played one song...thankfully, they played my favorite song i was satisfied. oh yeah, and i of course bought my copy of the romp CD.

stopped at taco bell, headed back to my  place..chilled there for a bit. then blake headed back to his dorm a bit later.


sunday blake came over and we chillllled <3

monday was nothingness. i left around 11pm to rent some movies. redbox awesomenesss. i get a free movie code every monday so i try to take advantage of that.

i'm in desperate need of a haircut....



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